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Net Assessment

Feb 17, 2022

Melanie, Chris, and Zack sit down to talk about the Biden administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy, which was released last week as the national security advisor was warning of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. Why did the administration push to get this report out so quickly? Is there anything new here, or does it just continue the policies of the last few administrations? Why the lack of direct focus on China, which is causing so much trouble in the region? What does “integrated deterrence,” which is the foundation of the security piece of the strategy, mean? Will crises in Ukraine and elsewhere distract the Biden national security team from accomplishing its objectives in the Indo-Pacific?

Chris has some problems with Vladmir Putin, Zack has some kind words for a departing colleague, and Melanie thanks Rep. Luria for pushing back on incomprehensible military jargon.

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